The Serbian diaspora in America is improving both countries

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Today, the American Ambassador Anthony Godfrey visited the Sevojno Copper Rolling Mill, where the majority American capital of the company “East Point Metals” LTD congratulated the management on the planned expansion.
“Copper rolling mills are a vital part of the economy of western Serbia, and the investment of five million euros is great news for the region, and especially for the workers of Uzice and their families,” Godfrey said.
Recalling that Desko Nikitović, the majority shareholder of “East Point Metal”, which includes Copper Rolling Mills, first emigrated to the United States and then returned to Serbia, Godfrey said that he was a true example of strength and innovation of the Serbian diaspora in America that it improves both our countries.
Godfrey stated that copper plays a key role in global industry and high technology, as well as in the Serbian economy, and that the Rolling Mill is an example of responsible excavation of raw materials and processing in western Serbia.
The president of the supervisory board of Valjaonica, Desko Nikitović, stated that the company was extremely successful last year with an income of almost 200 million euros, of which about 150 million euros were exported to the countries of the European Union and the United States.
“We expect investments of five to ten million euros this year, and an even higher level of investments from next year, then employment of 50 to 100 people and an increase in salaries,” said Nikitović.
He said that he has great support from the American embassy and that he hopes to increase exports with that country.
“I spent 30 years in America and I hope that the Serbian diaspora will use the favorable business climate and invest more in Serbia, which will also contribute to the improvement of our overall relations,” Nikitović concluded.
Before visiting the Copper Rolling Mill in Sevojno, the US Ambassador also visited the Kadinjača Memorial Complex and the Stari Grad Fortress in Užice, Politika reports.