Serbia, In the implementation of legal changes that should make business easier for businessmen

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The reforms of the tax administration are continuing, and starting next year, the obligation to submit a tax return should end in some cases, such as temporary interruption or cessation of activity or change of seat of the entrepreneur, Dragan Agatunović from the Tax Administration said today.

He said at the meeting dedicated to the fiscal and financial aspects of the business of entrepreneurs that this and other legal changes that are being prepared now, which should start to be implemented from January 1, 2023, are expected to make business easier for businessmen and reduce their expenses.

According to his words, relief for taxpayers has been worked on until now, among other things, by introducing predictability of tax liability, which practically means that taxpayers at the beginning of the year know the amount of the liability that awaits them in that year.

“Mass adoption of decisions is done in mid-January for the current year, and so taxpayers know the amount of debt based on taxes and contributions for each month in that year. Decisions are made in electronic form and we post them on the portal of the tax administration, from where the taxpayer can download them in every moment”, he pointed out.

He reminded that a tax and contribution calculator was introduced on the portal of the tax administration.

4,500 more companies were founded than last year

NALED regulatory reform manager Irena Đorđević stated that according to the data of the Agency for Business Registers, 135,533 companies and 305,317 entrepreneurs are currently operating in Serbia.

In the first six months of this year, the establishment of 25,816 business entities was registered, which is 4,520 more than in the same period last year. The number of registered companies established in the first six months increased by 12.5 percent, and the number of established entrepreneurs increased by 23.9 percent, i.e. from 16,347 in 2021 to 20,247 this year, Euronews writes.