Serbia is one of the most sought after destinations for tourists from the Emirates

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Residents of the United Arab Emirates will most likely decide to spend their holidays in Eastern Europe this summer, with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the top of their destinations, while Turkey, Georgia and Armenia are among the other favorites, Gulfnews, the most visited news portal in the United Arab Emirates, reports.

– We can be proud of Serbia’s reputation in the Emirates. The next step is to further build this good reputation and strengthen economic relations between Serbia and the UAE, but also the region of the Western Balkans and the Gulf countries – says Marko Selakovic, head of the PKS Office in Dubai.

He reminded, according to the PKS website, that Serbia was included in the list of recommended destinations for Dubai citizens last year, which also contributes to the increase in the number of tourists from that country, for whom Serbia and neighboring countries are interesting destinations, especially during the summer.

The advantages of popular Eastern European destinations, including Serbia, are the simple process of obtaining a visa and the availability of various flight options, according to representatives of travel agencies in Abu Dhabi. Serbia is the first country in Europe with which the UAE has established a passenger corridor, which means that passengers no longer have to go to quarantine upon arrival, eKapija reports.