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Serbia, The draft law on Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction will bring numerous positive changes

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The Government of Serbia adopted the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction, which speeds up the procedures for issuing building permits, removes obstacles, such as conversion for a fee, and enables the process of issuing permits to be more transparent and with the aim of greater protection of citizens and those that are building, it was stated on the Government’s website.

The amendments introduce a green building certificate for all public buildings, as well as all buildings over 10,000 square meters, which will make Serbia one of the first countries in Europe to fully apply those certificates.

Amendments to this law also introduce energy passports and protection of citizens, so the investor will have to provide insurance against damage to third parties. What is new is the obligation for the investor, before obtaining a use permit, to submit evidence of the movement of construction waste, which solves the problem of illegal landfills – it was pointed out on the Government’s website.

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As further stated, the amendments to the Law oblige the investor to repair at his own expense the streets damaged by passing trucks during the construction of the facility, and if he does not do so, there will be a guarantee from which the local self-government will be able to carry out the repair.

Members of the Government also adopted the Bill on Amendments to the Law on Railways, which specifies the competence of the Directorate for Railways and implements the further procedure of harmonization with the legal acquis of the European Union in order to establish a single European railway area.


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