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Serbia, The maximum local tax for passenger vehicles is up to 7,110 dinars

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The Government of Serbia has determined the maximum amount of local communal taxes for keeping a vehicle, so as of December 1, they can amount from 710 to 7,110 dinars for passenger vehicles, depending on the category.

In the document published in the Official Gazette, it is stated that the highest amount for passenger vehicles up to 1,150 cubic meters is 710 dinars, those vehicles are classified into six categories, and the amount of this fee up to 7,110 dinars applies to cars with over 3,000 cubic meters.

For trucks, which are divided into four categories according to their carrying capacity, the amounts range from 2,140 to 7,110 dinars.

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Motorcycles are classified into five categories, and the highest amounts are from 570 to 2,130 dinars.

For buses and vans, the fee is 60 dinars per registered seat, and the amounts for the five categories of attached vehicles are from 580 to 2,860 dinars.

For towing vehicles – tractors, which are in five categories depending on engine power, the fees are from 2,100 to 5,710 dinars.

For work vehicles, specially adapted for the transport of props for parties, vehicles for shops, as well as specialized vehicles for bees, the fee is 1,410 dinars.

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In the decision made on the basis of the Law on Local Self-Government Financing, it is stated that the harmonized maximum amounts will be applied from the first day of the following month.

It is emphasized that the adjustment was made with the annual index of consumer prices of the Republic Institute of Statistics, Insajder reports.

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