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Serbia, The opening of the congress part of the Sava Center is scheduled for November

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The work on the reconstruction of the Sava Center is proceeding in accordance with expectations, and in November of this year, the congress part of the building will be opened with a total of 40 congress halls of various sizes, which can be combined into several larger ones or several smaller ones, depending on the needs of the event, say the company “Delta Real Estate”.

According to the director of design and construction in that company, Katarina Gajić, a completely new, “immersive” hall is planned, which allows projections on all walls when presenting presentations, video content…

Gajić stated for Tanjug that in the past year, many works have been completed on the building located next to Milentija Popovića Street, where, she added, the rehabilitation of the reinforced concrete structure and the strengthening of the building were completed in accordance with the new seismic regulations and norms of the Eurocode, and that actively worked on the energy rehabilitation of the facade.

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She pointed out that the Sava Center will retain its recognizable external appearance – green glass, sloping facade and complete geometry, which are some of the features of that building.

When it comes to interior works, Gajić stated that modern systems of electrical installations and mechanical installations are being implemented, and that the next steps will also refer to modern stage technologies because, as she says, the plan is for the building to have impressive, modern technology that goes without saying. when it comes to events in the field of congress tourism.

During the works, there were unforeseen circumstances, but the work is proceeding according to expectations, said Gajić and added that in the coming period, they will focus on internal elements – interior, installations… so that the building will get a new shine and modern elements.

She stated that there is great interest in holding events in the Sava Center and that they already have congresses scheduled for November.

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“We are expecting a very dynamic year and the grand opening of the congress part of the facility in November 2023, after which we will continue to deal with facility B and the blue hall, which certainly represents the ‘jewel’ of the Sava Center and the most sophisticated element to which we pay special attention,” she said. 

It is expected, he says, that more than 100 million euros will be invested in the Sava Center and he adds that the facility, which covers more than 100,000 square meters of gross area, will be a combination of new and old.

“Sava Center is specific in itself and we have a desire, but also a legal obligation, to keep the characteristic elements of that building. During the period when it was built, in 1977 and 1978, there was an expansion of concrete buildings and constructions, and we want to preserve all that authentic concrete , protect and rehabilitate from damage, but we will also implement some new, modern elements so that in any case it will be an object recognizable by the combination of new and old,” said Gajić.

She pointed out that the Sava Center will retain its purpose, which it had before the reconstruction.

“It is a large congress center where film screenings and concerts are held… In addition, the Sava Center used to be decorated with a shopping area, retail space, and office space, and we will keep all the purposes of that facility, but we have organized them in a different way so that they can function independently and do not interfere with each other’s work,” Gajić said.

The Sava Center building is more than 40 years old, and the company “Delta Holding” bought it from the City of Belgrade in November 2020 for 17.5 million euros, in a public bidding process where it was the only bidder, Euronews writes.

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