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Serbia, There are 21 banks operating, optimal number is 15

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The Secretary General of the Association of Banks of Serbia, Vladimir Vasić, said today that 21 banks operate in Serbia.

As he said, according to expert estimates for the size of the market, the optimal number is around 15, so mergers are not excluded.

“At the moment, 21 banks are operating in Serbia. According to expert assessments, for the size of our market, the optimal number would be lower, around 15 banks, however, the decision on this is made by the owners and management of individual banks,” said Vasić, regarding the merger of AIK banka and Eurobank Direktna banka.

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He added that the assessment of banks is primarily market-based, whether through mergers they can optimize their operations, increase market shares, and through mergers offer clients a better and more diverse offer.

AIK Bank has signed a purchase agreement on the acquisition of 100 percent of the ownership of Eurobank Direktna banka Srbija.

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