Banks must submit an offer to clients before concluding a loan agreement

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The Supreme Court of Cassation made a decision that banks must submit an offer to clients before concluding a loan agreement, as well as that they are obliged to specify the costs that the client has in addition to the regular ones when concluding a loan agreement, lawyer Miroslav Živković said at today’s conference.

He stated that the VKS decided that the offer must precede the contract, and that in practice banks do not have an offer in 80 percent of cases, while in the other 20 percent of cases the offer and the contract are ready at the same time.

He emphasized that even the judge of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Dragiša Slijepčević, made a decision in his panel in which he rejected the audit of the bank in the procedure in which the client’s request was accepted by both the first and second instance courts, and the bank lost the dispute and requested an audit which rejected.

He also said that banks are losing disputes, but that they are putting tremendous pressure on clients, forcing them to waive their claim because otherwise, as Živković states, they will have to bear huge costs.

He called on the citizens not to give up on their claims.

“The amendment to the position of the VKS decides that the reality of the cost is no longer important, but now it is important whether the client was given an offer or not, from one uniform practice, which was until that September 16 last year, now that practice is disunited”, said Stojković .

He agreed with Živković and said that most often the customer was not given an offer, which is why banks cannot prove its existence in court, Euronews reports.