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Serbia to become a stable country with European standards-Delevic

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Director of the EU Integration Office Milica Delevic said that everything that our country does in the EU accession process is at the same time the best way for Serbia to become a stable country with European standards.

Speaking at the presentation of the 10th edition of “Europe from A to Z” handbook, organised by Konrad Adenauer Foundation office in Belgrade and the EU Integration Office, Delevic pointed out that the main preconditions for Serbia’s entry into the EU are knowledge, will and preparedness.

The EU Council of Ministers’ decision to approve a candidate status to Serbia is within reach, but crucial factors for this decision will be the results our country achieves in reforms.

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The Director of the EU Integration Office pointed out that it is necessary to apply EU directives, noting that this is feasible.

In her opinion, this handbook is useful because it summarises things that need to be applied in order for Serbia to meet competently the EU requirements.

Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Vincent Degert said that Serbia should not take the candidate status for granted, but should rather work on fulfilling the given tasks.

Degert said that there are many things Serbia needs to resolve and which were pointed out by European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule during his visit to Belgrade.

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Serbia must make progress in the democratisation of society, application of laws, reform of the judiciary and the fight against corruption, noting that all 27 EU member states must be convinced that Serbia is ready for the next step in the integration.

Degert pointed to the importance of communication with citizens in the EU accession process and added that citizens must be explained what the EU policy means and what will change in their daily lives if Serbia joins the EU.

Degert underlined that citizens are still the ones who will have the last word because upon the completion of state negotiations, they will vote at referendum whether they want to live in the EU.

Source Serbian Government. 

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