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Serbian companies should recognise importance of student invention team “Strawberry Energy”

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Minister of Education and Science Zarko Obradovic and Rector of the University of Belgrade Branko Kovacevic received yesterday a student team “Strawberry Energy”, who designed the first public solar charger for mobile phones and won the first place in the Week of Sustainable Development in Brussels.

The team consists of students of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Dramatic Art of the University of Belgrade and the University of Arts.

Obradovic said that solar charger made by the team “Strawberry Energy” shows that Serbian students have the quality and know how to apply the knowledge.

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He noted that their success was the result of a teamwork.

Domestic companies should recognise the importance of this invention so that Serbia could keep the young talent and also so that companies could make profit, the Minister said.

The relevant Ministry will reward the young inventors with a seven days camping on Zlatibor, Obradovic said.

“Strawberry Energy” is a team of nine talented students, who after winning the Brussels competition set up a firm with the same name.

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The first solar charger for mobile phones was set six months ago in Obrenovac.


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