“Serbia today has no holes in the budget, nor do citizens have holes in their memory”

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Today, the Minister of Finance and the Vice President of the Serbian Progressive Party, Siniša Mali, reacted again to the latest statement by Dušan Nikezić.

As he explained, he cannot be silent “on the statements from the camp of the tycoon-thief gang, whose focus of politics is on unscrupulous lies, in order to get back in their seats to steal”.

As he said, Nikezic’s, that is, Djilas’ “data” that are trying to leak, are far from the truth that Serbia lives today, and he told him that Serbia today has no holes in the budget, nor do citizens have holes in their memory.

I am surprised that he is not ashamed of himself, as a former member of the government, who contributed to Serbia rushing into the abyss, to now talk about GDP, deficit, public debt. I will remind him that he managed to indebt Serbia with a green loan We managed to repay this and other overpriced loans, as well as the former government, which took care of its own interests only. Our interest rates today are one, two percent In relation to their borrowing, it is more than obvious, and I note that it is very important what loans are taken for, because, unlike them, we do not borrow to pay salaries and pensions, but to build and create a better place to live. of our citizens “, said Mali and emphasized that despite all the challenges, Serbia today is a country with healthy public finances and that there is no crisis of public debt, which is currently at the level of 52.1 percent, which is far from 60 percent prescribed by Maastricht.

He stated that Serbia, during the greatest health and economic crisis, ever managed to achieve the dominant economic growth in Europe, because it ended last year with a growth of 7.4 percent.

“When you look at it cumulatively, with a result of minus 0.9 percent from 2020, the growth is 6.4 percent. Not only has our economy shown that it is resistant to the crisis, but we have managed to maintain the level with active, fast and efficient measures. As Nikezic and his boss Djilas spent public finances pushing money into secret accounts around the world, economic growth was minus 0.7 percent without earthquakes. I would like to note that in ten years, Serbia’s GDP has increased by almost 20 billion euros, namely that our GDP was “According to our estimates, it amounted to about 53 billion euros, which is significantly more than in 2012, when it was 33.7 billion,” said Mali.

He reminded that the state was ready to face the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, because it pursues a responsible economic policy, but that due to the previous government, it was forced to take difficult measures and fiscal consolidation.

“Their economic policy is a deficit of bankruptcy. When we took power, we had no choice but to start reforms and that is why we had a four-year budget surplus. Thanks to that, we had enough money to repay their overpriced debts, but also to help citizens and the economy.” “In the last two years, the state has allocated a total of 8.7 billion euros within the aid package, in order to prevent the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic,” Mali noted.

He mentioned that the citizens now have confidence in the state that fulfills its every promise, in a day and in dinars.

“They know that the government’s policy is aimed at creating a better place to live. Today, despite all the challenges, we are building ten highways, high-speed rail, we have started building the subway, finishing clinical centers, reconstructing hospitals, procuring drugs, respirators, vaccines, everything “What is needed. That is the difference between us and them, who see public finances exclusively as booty,” he said.

He concluded that Serbia, ruled by Nikezic and the gang of thieves to which he belonged, was so devastated and unstable, and that even the IMF fled it in 2011 because they had growing public debt, a negative growth rate, double-digit inflation and a course that went wild, B92 writes.