When will the new highway be opened?

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The completion of the highway through Montenegro on the section Smokovac-Matesevo was announced for the end of November last year.

Many expected it to open around the New Year, but unexpected information has recently arrived. The completion of the works was postponed until May 2022, and in the meantime, people started talking about the name of the new road.

Citizens, as well as the professional public, are wondering where it got stuck. According to the executive director of the Monteputa company, the previous management of this company did not take over the activities on the procurement of the necessary equipment for the maintenance and provision of the highway in time. And therein lies the problem, writes Blic.

“The new management has started public procurement procedures for the procurement of this equipment, and a number of tenders are being prepared. We are currently conducting negotiations and activities to provide the necessary conditions for the continuation of the Bar-Boljare highway. I mean the Matesevo-Andrijevica and Andrijevica sections “Berane-Boljare,” Ljiljanic explained recently.

And at the end of last year, it could be heard several times that after several years of work on this section, everything was over. The Ministry of Capital Investments said in November that the works on the highway are in the final phase and that their completion is expected at the end of November.

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“Currently, the works are proceeding at an accelerated pace, we are satisfied with the results we have achieved. The route of the highway will be covered with asphalt in the next few days,” said then Minister of Capital Investments Mladen Bojanic.

However, already in December, the Montenegrin government said that they were not the most satisfied with the dynamics of the works on the highway.

“We did everything we could. The construction work was completed, except for some” fine hands “, and my experience, from the point of view of domestic relations, says that sometimes those ‘fine hands’ last longer than the main ones. Also, 30 percent of electric machines the installation is not complete, “said Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic.

In the meantime, people started talking about the name of the highway.

The Assembly of the Municipality of Kolašin received a proposal from the councilors of the Democratic Party of Socialists to send an initiative to the Government of Montenegro proposing that the name of the highway be “Princess Ksenija”.

“I support and expect that this conclusion will be unanimously accepted,” the President of the Municipal Assembly of Kolasin, Milan Đukić, stated recently on his Twitter account.

And who exactly is Princess Ksenija? In short, she was beautiful, educated, calm at first glance, but very much her own. Some add that she was dangerous, having in mind that she made serious political moves from the shadows.

She was born on April 22, 1881 in Cetinje, as the tenth child and eighth daughter of King Nikola Petrović Njegoš and Milena Petrović. She was also considered the most beautiful among the sisters.

It is also claimed that she was very special during the time in which she lived. She is remembered for being the first woman in the Balkans to drive a car, and as the only princess to be involved in photography at the time.

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She acquired her higher education right at the court, unlike the other children of King Nikola and Milena, who acquired their education abroad.

She was not married, despite the many suitors she had. Only some of them were the Serbian king Aleksandar Obrenović, the Greek princes Nikola, Đorđe and Andrej, as well as the Bulgarian tsar Ferdinand. At that time, it was a strange decision made by the king’s daughter, because all her sisters were married to someone from the royal family throughout Europe at the time. According to many historical sources, the decision she made to spend her life as an unmarried woman has called into question even many interstate relations.

The construction of the highway in Montenegro has been going on for almost 7 years. It started in 2015, and the completion of works was planned for 2019. However, the planned deadline for the completion of works was postponed many times.

As announced, after the opening of the section, the price of the toll will be 8 cents per kilometer, which means that the overall price should not exceed 3.5 euros, B92 writes.