Serbia, Weapons tax from 4,000 to 20,000 dinars

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The Tax Administration informed that the tax on registered weapons will be paid in the amount of 4,070 to 20,290 dinars.

On the website of the Tax Office, it was announced that the harmonized dinar amount of tax for a registered automatic rifle is 15,010 dinars, while for a semi-automatic rifle it is 6,020 dinars.

For weapons for personal security of category B with a certificate of possession, the tax is 4,070 dinars, and for the same category with a permit for carrying, the tax is 20,290 dinars.

The Tax Office announced that the solutions will be printed during the second half of November, and that they will be handed over to the Post Office on December 1.

They state that according to the law, the tax act is considered delivered after 15 days from the day of its submission to the post office.

Part of the decision of the Tax Office is also delivered electronically via eAdministration and eTax mailboxes, where the date of delivery is November 15, reports Tanjug. 

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