Serbia will offer green bonds on the London Stock Exchange

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The Minister of Finance of Serbia, Sinisa Mali, stated today that Serbia is committed to the green agenda and added that the decision of the state to go public on the London Stock Exchange for the first time with the issue of green bonds for projects in the field of environmental protection shows that.

Speaking at the NALED Assembly, Mali said that in that way, Serbia would ask investors for money for environmental projects, and pointed out that this would influence Serbia to accelerate the green agenda.

He also reminds that the revised budget for 2021 never allocated more money for the environment and projects related to environmental protection, such as wastewater treatment plants, construction of sewers…

Mali emphasized that Serbia is not giving up on the green agenda and reforms in that area, despite the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

He reminded that last year was the most difficult not only for Serbia but for the whole world, and added that the country fought on two fronts – to save the health of citizens and to save the economy.

He stated that by conducting a successful vaccination, Serbia has shown that it responsibly takes care of every citizen, and that the packages of aid measures, which, he reminded, were three in the total value of eight billion euros, have shown that it can save the economy.

In that way, he says, Serbia avoided the black scenarios that were seen in the much more developed countries of the world, in which factories were closed and people lost their jobs.

Mali reminded that the fall in the GDP of Serbia last year was the lowest in Europe, as well as that it managed to maintain full employment and macroeconomic stability, because the public debt is still less than 60 percent of GDP.

He added that the state’s support to citizens and the economy continued this year as well, and that this was reflected in the fact that Serbia had a growth of 1.7 percent in the first quarter, while a decline of 1.3 percent was expected.

He is convinced that the rate of economic growth in Serbia will exceed six percent by the end of the year and that it will be one of the three fastest growing economies in Europe, despite the pandemic.

Mali adds that, despite a difficult year, Serbia is determined to continue increasing salaries and pensions, to allocate for infrastructure projects, as well as to continue important reforms.

He also reminded that a new arrangement with Serbia was confirmed last week on the board of directors of the IMF, which implies further reform of public companies and the Tax Administration, commitment to the green agenda, reduction of tax levies…

All those reforms, he added, are in line with the reforms of the Ministry of Finance, which passed the new Law on Fiscalization and the Law on Electronic Invoices.

– One of the demands of NALED and businessmen was to speed up the VAT refund. Through electronic invoices, that will be possible within 24 hours, which will contribute to greater transparency and competitiveness of our economy – said Mali.

He added that the state continues to encourage employment, and that now the emphasis is on youth employment.