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Serbia,Which information does the newly published Map of the Register of Regional Development Measures contain?

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The Agency for Economic Registers has published the Map of the Register of Regional Development Measures and Incentives (RegMPRR Map), which shows information on state investments and economic development for the year 2022. According to these data, the total incentives granted last year reached 229.9 billion dinars (about 1.95 billion euros), which is 10.3 percent more than the previous year.

According to the data on the RegMPRR Map, 199.9 billion dinars, or 87 percent of the total grants, are related to the total incentives for grants, and they are 4.2 percent higher than the previous year.

Of the total incentives, the largest part is aimed at the economy, that is, companies and entrepreneurs, 120.5 billion dinars or 52.4 percent of the total sum. Then, 48.9 billion dinars (21.3 percent) to institutions in the field of education and science.

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Compared to the previous year, the amounts given to local self-governments (23.6 billion dinars), agricultural farms (19.3 billion dinars) and institutions in the field of health (5.1 billion dinars) have significantly increased.

Transport infrastructure, education…

According to the purpose of the investment, 85.3 percent of the total realized incentives (195.9 billion dinars) were directed to: traffic infrastructure (59.1 billion dinars), education, science, culture and sports (45.6 billion dinars), encouraging production ( 36.4 billion dinars), for scientific and research work, research and development (20.6 billion dinars), agriculture (20.1 billion dinars), as well as encouraging employment (14.1 billion dinars). Investment in all these areas increased by 7.5 percent compared to the previous year.

The RegMPRR Map contains key data on the economy and the non-profit sector, which have been gathered from various sources (state bodies and organizations, as well as other registers maintained by the Agency), so that it provides a comprehensive picture of the development of the domestic economy for 2022 and the three previous years, it was written on the APR portal.

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The RegMPRR map, whichh contains data on the achieved level of development of all municipalities in Serbia, according to the current regulation, is a particularly useful source of information for potential investors in Serbia, announced the Agency for Economic Registers (APR).


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