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Serbia, List of priority investments is coming in May

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The Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia, Dubravka Đedović, announced that the Government of Serbia will adopt a list of priority investments in the field of energy by the end of May, the realization of which will require more than 15 billion euros.

Investments will relate to the entire field of energy – electricity production, gas and oil sector.

“We are working on several fronts. One is to adopt a plan for priority investments in energy, which will amount to over 15 billion euros in the coming years, of which over 10 billion in new production capacities. We will do this with strategic partners. First of all from the EU, but also USA, from the region, from China, from Hungary,” Đedović said.

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As she pointed out, investments will be made in the most necessary, without which the energy goals of Serbia by 2050 cannot be reached, which include the transition to green energy, as well as energy security and independence.

“We have a large list of projects from self-balancing solar power plants, with a large capacity, even up to one gigawatt, to the construction of the new Bistrica hydroelectric power plant, to the consideration of the construction of the Đerdap 3 hydroelectric power plant. These are all capital projects that should help us to be independent in the future, to be safe” , pointed out Đedović.

Serbia currently receives two-thirds of its electricity from coal, which is the basic energy source.

“We are thinking about how to achieve our goal on the way to the EU, which is how to no longer rely on the production of electricity from coal by 2050. By the end of this year, we will adopt the national energy climate plan and a new energy development strategy until 2040 with projections until the year 2050, which should give us answers to those questions that are not easy, because they have both financial and social consequences. We must ensure a just transition, and that first of all means a sustainable transition for both our miners and our mining industry. Sector and with regard to our economy”, said Đedović.

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According to the relevant ministry, the new goal is ambitious and realistic, in order to ensure security of supply, and to make the continuation of the energy transition financially sustainable and socially just. The new plan is to reach a share of 45 percent of RES when it comes to electricity production, and the goal in gross final consumption is between 30 and 40 percent.


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