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The production of LFP batteries is developing in Serbia - Serbia Business

The production of LFP batteries is developing in Serbia

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The transition to e-mobility is also necessary for this region, because there is no other way, agreed the panelists of the First Battery Conference, organized by the Slovenian company Emobility and the Serbian partner “I drive on electricity”.

Top experts from their respective fields came to Belgrade, from battery ecology, engineering, chemistry, recycling and battery production, reports eKapija.

“It became clear that batteries are becoming a kind of center of energy transition, which is necessary, even in Serbia, since Belgrade is one of the most polluted cities in the world.” The greatest success of the conference is that experts from the participating countries connected with each other and agreed on some joint projects” , said the president of the company Emobilty Primož Lemež.

Alen Shagolj from Rimac Technology explained the engineering complexity of the battery assembly in the Rimac Nevera hyper sports car, showing that not only the battery chemistry, but also everything else connected to the 1.4 MW (about 2,000 horsepower) battery is extremely important for car performance.

Dr. Gerfried Jungmeier from the Joanneum research institute in Graz, who has 30 years of experience in this field, concluded that the electric car, regardless of all the circumstances affecting pollution, is much more environmentally friendly than cars with internal combustion engines.

When it comes to recycling, the director of Toyota Serbia, Robert Lukić, pointed out that used batteries are so rare that they are not worth disassembling in Serbia, so they are returned to the factory, where Toyota has a modern facility for battery recycling.

Robert Dominko from the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, presented one of the world’s best battery technology research institutes in the world and their current projects.

According to him, the development of battery cells has only just begun. He announced that a Battery Center will soon be built in Slovenia, where they will also be able to conduct applied research for clients, and the funds for its construction have already been secured.

“This will be a major breakthrough in battery research for the entire region and beyond,” Dominko pointed out.

An interesting lecture was given by Nemanja Mikać from the company ElevenES from Subotica, which is preparing for the production of LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) batteries.

“It goes with the different chemical structure of the batteries, which of course have their advantages and disadvantages. However, every chemistry is good for something. This is a big deal for Serbia and we want this project in Subotica to be successful and firmly anchor Serbia on the battery map of the world,” said Mikać.

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