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Who are the biggest exporters in Serbia?

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For the first two months of this year, two companies, copper producers from China’s Zijin, topped the list of the largest exporters. Zijin Mining exported EUR 208.1 million, while Zijin Bor Coper exported EUR 150.9 million, according to data from the Ministry of Finance.

Tigar Tires, a manufacturer of car tires from Pirot, took the third place among exporters with exports of 88 million euros in two months.

In fourth place, surprisingly, there was an electricity trader, the Romanian company SCM power (SCM Power) with exports of 87.8 million euros in two months. 

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By the way, according to the data of the Ministry of Finance, the export of electricity reached 171.7 million euros in January alone, which is about 35 million euros more than the money spent on importing electricity.

In January, electricity was the third most important export product in Serbia after electrical machines and appliances and metal ores and the fourth largest import item with 136.7 million euros.

In fifth place was another Chinese company, HBIS, the owner of the ironworks in Smederevo, which exported EUR 85.3 million in January.

The Chinese are followed by foreign factories, dominated by components for the auto industry, primarily German companies.

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ZF Serbia exported EUR 80.9 million, Leoni EUR 76.3 million.

Henkel’s exports were 72.1 million euros, and Bosch’s were 66.4 million euros.

Jura Corporation exported EUR 62.1 million, Hemofarm EUR 55.5 million, and Philip Morris EUR 49.6 million.

Mint automotive’s export revenue in January was 44.8 million euros, and Gorenja’s was 44 million euros.

In the last place on the list of the largest 15 exporters was NIS with 43.2 million euros.

The total export of goods in January amounted to 2.2 billion euros, while exports were 700 million euros higher. The coverage of imports by exports increased to 76 percent from 70.6 percent in the same month last year.

In January, exports increased year-on-year by 21.1 percent, while imports increased by 12.5 percent.

On the import side, natural gas dominated with 240.9 million euros in January alone, and oil and oil derivatives with 193 million euros.

Among the top five imported products are electrical machines and devices with 170.9 million euros, electricity with 136.7 million euros and medical and pharmaceutical products with 112.5 million euros.

On the export side, in addition to electrical appliances, metal ores and electricity, there were also power machines with 124 million euros and rubber products with 103.4 million euros.

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