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Six suppliers for Fiat Idea – Fiat Automobili Srbija’s partners arrive in Kragujevac in December

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Next month, Fiat Group will announce the names of the first five companies selected among the company’s 17,000 suppliers, which will start the construction of plants in Korman Polje industrial zone, daily paper Novosti learns.

Fiat’s largest supplier – Magneti Marelli, has already obtained five hectares in that zone, while the selection of five out of planned fifteen suppliers is close to end. With several domestic companies (one of which is Kragujevac-based Promotor Irva), these six companies will provide necessary parts for the trial production of the new model – Fiat Idea, which should start in late 2011.

According to the initial plan, Italian partners were supposed to start building their plants in June 2010, but the representatives of about 120 owners of land in this area stood against that. They do not want to accept the offered price of 350 euros for 100 square meters of land and claim that their land costs at least 4,000 euros.

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– That problem cannot decelerate the construction of infrastructure in that zone – says Veroljub Stevanovic, the Mayor of Kragujevac.

– Preparation works are underway, while the construction of a four-lane road from Krst turntable to the entrance to the zone and the installation of infrastructure connections will start next month.

People at the Ministry of Economy say that the most important job concerning land expropriation has been finished. They also say that certain number of land owners have accepted the expropriation, by the decision of the Government of Serbia. Fiat’s partners announced that they would invest up to 240 million euros in that zone.

According to Milan Urosevic, the Chairman of the Initiative Board for Protection of Rights of Land Owners and Board Members in the City Assembly, only 5% of 120 owners have accepted the deal. They are, primarily, people who have inherited the land.

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– We do not give up our requests, but we have accepted the proposal of the city (which is not competent for this process) to request from the competent bodies to reconsider the estimated price – says Urosevic.

– We are ready for a compromise, but not for large concessions.


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