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Slovenia invests in biomass production in Medvedja

The Government of Slovenia’s Development Agency will set aside 1 million euros from the pre-accession funds for procurement of equipment for the factory of briquettes, loess and biomass in Medvedja. Slobodan Draskovic, the Mayor of that municipality, says that they have signed agreements in Slovenia with six Slovenian companies that will be partners to the Development Agency.

– Production will be started within next two months at 3,000 square meters in the former units of ruined Termovent. Jobs will be directly given to 40 people, as well as to collaborators from this territory, the owners of sawmills, who will be having their waste further processed instead of stored in the environment – Draskovic explains.

He also points out that the same source will provide additional 295,000 euros for equipping and putting in operation an industrial zone in the center of Medvedja.