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World Bank grants USD 33 million for project of revival of degraded areas

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A consortium comprising five world-renowned companies should finish until July 10 the main project of rehabilitation of land degraded by centennial operations of Mining-Smelter Basin (RTB) Bor, said project coordinator Aleksandar Budjelan.

– Rehabilitation of about 400 ha of land, which is completely without vegetation at the moment, should be finished until 2014. A large number of unemployed people from Bor will be hired for the project – Budjelan told Beta agency.

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For that project, which is part of the project Regional Development of Bor, the World Bank has earmarked USD 33 million.

Martin van der Vijk, a representative of Witteveen Bos, one of the five companies that will prepare the main project, announced that examination of the terrain would commence in February, after which the look of degraded areas would be designed.

According to announcements, planning will be finished by July 10 and it will be followed by appointment of contractors for the works on land rehabilitation.


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