Solving the problems of the construction industry in Serbia

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Solving the problems of the construction industry in Serbia, such as amending the law on planning and construction and abolishing land conversion charges, will be the focus of the relevant ministry in the coming period.

This was said at the meeting of the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, with businessmen from more than 40 largest domestic construction companies in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS).

Vesić said that he will fight for the construction industry and that he is ready to hear all the problems faced by that branch of the first order in Serbia, PKS announced.

The minister said that he will regularly hold meetings with representatives of the construction industry, with the support of the Association for the Construction Industry PKS.

“The economy is extremely sensitive to all the disruptions happening globally, the construction industry in particular.” Disruptions in the prices of logistics and construction materials have affected the construction industry, which was the engine of GDP growth and development, to such an extent that it is now facing major challenges”, said the Director of the Sector for Strategic Analysis, Services and Internationalization of PKS Mihajlo Vesovic, at the meeting, BiF reports.

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