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Special offer of Sberbank of Serbia for cash loans and refinancing loans

Aware of the fact that the previous period was extremely challenging for the residents of Serbia, Sberbank decided to prepare a special offer for the most sought-after banking product. With an effective interest rate of 8.85 percent, ie. nominal interest rate of 7.90 percent, our current and future clients will be able to provide additional cash or refinance existing liabilities.
“Listening to the real needs of our market and, above all, the needs of our clients, we decided to prepare special conditions for cash and refinancing loans. The period behind us has brought us a handful of uncertainty. That is why I want to invite all those interested to visit us, so that we can listen to all their questions and concerns and offer a solution for the realization of their long-term wishes. Regardless of whether you are planning to renovate the apartment, have a summer vacation or have some other wishes, we can realize them together with additional cash. Also, I want to point out that in addition to a very attractive interest rate, the costs of loan processing are not charged during the action period,” said Mirjana Djordjevic, director of the product development sector.
The special offer of cash loans and refinancing loans lasts until August 15, 2020, BiF reports.