Srbijagas has a business and net profit

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Due to the increased consumption in the first three quarters and in 2022, the import of intervention quantities of natural gas continued, so Srbijagas procured additional quantities at higher, stock exchange prices, and the import was paid in advance, stated the Supervisory Board of that company at today’s meeting.

As stated in the information published on the Srbijagas website, it was said at the meeting that Srbijagas achieved a positive financial result in the form of business and net profit at the nine-month level.

The adopted financial statements of the company for that period also include the effects of the Serbian Government’s decrees on the temporary measure of limiting the price of gas and compensating for the difference in the price of gas procured from imports or produced in Serbia in the event of market disturbances.

NO Srbijagas adopted a report on the implementation of the annual business program for nine months of 2022. At the meeting, it was pointed out that the reporting period was marked by intensified activities aimed at securing the necessary natural gas supplies and filling warehouses in Banatski Dvor and in Hungary.

Those activities required continuous cooperation with the Serbian government, ministries and all relevant institutions.

“Management and the Supervisory Board, as well as all employees of the national gas company, undertook all necessary activities in order to maintain and improve all business indicators, despite working in difficult circumstances that also affected the burden in terms of financing all obligations, as well as difficulties in terms of collection of receivables from customers and an increase in the value of the costs of impaired receivables”, the information states.

The topic of the NO session was the position of Srbijagas employees at a time when the company is working in difficult circumstances, their wages and other rights arising from the Collective Agreement.

Future steps that should be taken to improve and improve the position of employees were also discussed, RTV reports.

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