State aid of 17 million euros for medium and small enterprises in Serbia

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The Minister of Economy, Andjelka Atanaskovic, stated that this year, the Ministry set aside 17 million euros in non-refundable funds for four programs of support to small and medium enterprises.
According to her, the money is intended “for the purchase of equipment, for encouraging entrepreneurship through development projects, for helping beginners in business and, for the first time, for a program intended for women and youth.”
As it was announced from the Ministry of Economy, Atanaskovic said during her visit to Subotica that the economy of that city is “in excellent condition” and that businessmen are recovering from the damage caused by the epidemic.
Atanaskovic said that the coronavirus epidemic did not hinder the company Joviste, which manufactures equipment and carpentry, and which used the funds of the Ministry of Economy to purchase equipment “which improved and accelerated production by 200 percent”, and called on other businessmen to apply for some from the Ministries program, BizLife reports.