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Takko, Deichmann and JYSK stores in Serbia – Completion of second phase of Retail Park Pancevo on May 30

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The company Danos Serbia has announced that the new space within Retail Park in Pancevo will be opened on May 30, 2011, after the completion of the second phase of works, one year after the opening of DIS supermarket, which represented the initial phase of this big project.

In this phase, the first Retail Park will offer its visitors the products of companies Takko, Deichmann and JYSK, which will be their premiere in our market, as well as already present brands: Amatti, Golden Rose, Fox Fashion, Tref Sport, etc.

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People at Danos said that the whole team of the “retail” department was actively preparing development and providing tenants for the next phase, of which implementation can be expected at the end of this year.

The investor of Retail Park Pancevo is Israeli company Aviv Arlon, one of the world’s biggest companies engaged in the development of top properties. This company has successfully implemented over 50 projects in Israel, USA and throughout Europe since it was founded in 1963.

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