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Taxis in Belgrade are getting more expensive

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After the decision is published in the Official Gazette, the prices of taxi services in Belgrade will become about 20 percent more expensive. Start from 170 dinars goes to 250, while the price per kilometer “jumps” from 65 to 73 dinars.

Taxi driver Sasa Knezevic from the Contractual Chamber of Commerce says for H1 that the decision on the price increase was signed by the deputy mayor and that it has yet to be published in the Official Gazette, after which taximeters will be calibrated.

“The increase is about 20 percent, instead of 65 dinars, a kilometer according to the first tariff will be 73 dinars, according to the second it will increase from 85 to 95 dinars, waiting will cost 900 dinars instead of 750.” Longer rides will be less expensive, shorter ones a little more “, Knezevic explained.

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As he said, the price increase is conditioned by the fact that the prices have not changed for more than 10 years and “the costs have increased enormously”.

“The city determines the prices and does not determine them by heart, they are determined by the study on taxi transport in Belgrade, which was done three years ago. We have asked for a correction now so that we can survive at all. “During these three years, market conditions have changed significantly, we have an understanding for the citizens and the situation in the country, and we have accepted that there should be a minimum price correction,” Knezevic added, Danas writes.

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