Unemployed from the state can get 3,000 euros to start the business

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The subsidy for self-employment is awarded in a one-time amount of 300,000 dinars, or 330,000 dinars for unemployed persons with disabilities, for the purpose of founding a shop, cooperative or other form of entrepreneurship, as well as founding a company, if the founder is employed.

The right to a subsidy can also be realized by uniting more unemployed people, by founding a company for self-employment.

If several unemployed people unite, in accordance with the law, each person individually submits a request for self-employment and exercising the right to a subsidy of 300,000 dinars, or 330,000 dinars in the case when the applicants are persons with disabilities.

The right to receive a subsidy for self-employment can be exercised by an unemployed person provided that:

– registered in the unemployment register of the National Service,

– completed training for the development of entrepreneurship according to the training plan and program organized by the National Service or other appropriate organizations,

– fulfilled previous obligations and settled all debts to the National Service and

– within the allowed amount determined for de minimis state aid in the current fiscal and the previous two fiscal years, in accordance with the regulations for granting state aid.

Application documentation:

– completed application with a business plan on the prescribed form of the National Service,

– proof of completed training, if not completed in the organization of the National Service and

– proof of ownership of business premises, if the applicant has the same.

– In the case when the applicant is a person with a disability, it is necessary to submit a decision on disability or assessment of working ability and the possibility of employment or maintenance of employment.

Documentation for concluding the contract:

– photocopy of the decision of the competent authority on entry in the register, if it is not registered in the APR,

– photocopy of the certificate of registration with the Tax Administration (REG form),

– photocopy of the card of deposited signatures with the commercial bank,

– photocopy / read ID card of the applicant,

– means of ensuring the fulfillment of contractual obligations,

– photocopy / read ID card of the guarantor and

– other evidence depending on the status of the guarantor.

After signing the contract, the Beneficiary is obliged to:

– performs the activity for which the subsidy was approved in accordance with the submitted request with the business plan as basic, and on that basis pays the contributions for compulsory social insurance for at least 12 months, starting from the day of starting the activity, with the possibility of temporary cessation of maximum 12 months according to the decision of the APR or other competent authority,

– enable the National Service to monitor the implementation of contractual obligations and insight into the performance of activities,

– at the request of the National Service, submit evidence of the fulfillment of contractual obligations and

– inform the National Service about all changes that are important for the implementation of the contract, within 8 days from the date of the change, Kamatica reports.