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“Telekom” is preparing Eurobonds for May

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The General Director of Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lucic, announced today that the company will be the first domestic company to start issuing Eurobonds in half a year, and that the first issue on the EU stock exchange will be worth 500 million euros.

Telekom Srbija will previously receive an international credit rating, and Lucic reveals that everything necessary for going to the EU stock exchange will be completed in early May, but that the exact moment of the issue will depend on the conditions on the stock exchange due to the Ukrainian crisis.

Lucic added that Telecom will most likely go public on the Frankfurt or Luxembourg stock exchange, reports Tanjug.

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“Everything necessary for Telekom’s listing will be completed in early May, and the exact month in which we will go out will depend on the assessment of when the stock exchange will work best due to the crisis in Ukraine,” Lucic said. EU stock exchange.

Lucic said that Telekom will raise 500 million euros with the first show, and pointed out that he is sure that the interest will be much higher, but that they do not need more funds now.

“We will invest that money in the further development of optical infrastructure, mobile network and in the expansion of Telecom (abroad),” Lucic said.

He emphasized that corporate Eurobonds will bring Telecom new income in the future, Politika reports.

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