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The average net salary in Serbia last year amounted to 65,864 dinars

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From year to year, there are no surprises in which cities and towns have the highest average salaries, and in which they earn the least. And in 2021, the salaries of Belgraders were the highest, and the lowest were the residents of Bojnik. The former received an average of 82,132 dinars, and the latter 45,019, according to statistics. By the way, the average net salary in Serbia last year, for twelve months, amounted to 65,864 dinars, which is about 558 euros. For the sake of comparison, in 2020, the average was around 60,000 dinars or 511 euros. In one year, salaries increased by 9.6 percent in nominal terms.

In terms of the amount of salaries of Belgraders, the order is unchanged compared to previous years. Residents of Vracar had the highest average salary of 109,127 dinars, followed by residents of New Belgrade, who brought home 105,613, followed by those from the Old Town with a salary of 105,104 dinars. In fourth place in terms of salary in Serbia are the residents of Savski Venac, with an average salary of 98,646 dinars, and the fifth are the residents of Voždovac, who received an average of 86,175.

Other residents of Belgrade also earned more than the rest of the republic. Zvezdarci brought home 84,339 dinars on average, 78,961 dinars in Čukarica, 75,777 dinars in Zemun, 73,999 dinars in Palilula, 74,102 dinars in Rakovica and 65,472 dinars in Obrenovac. In Belgrade, salaries were lower in the peripheral municipalities, so the people of Barajevo earned 56,902 dinars on average, in Surčin 57,754, the citizens of Grocka 57,350, the residents of Sopot 54,635, and the people of Mladenovac 55,554 dinars.

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Apart from the inhabitants of Bojnik, they had the lowest salaries in Vlasotince, 45,575 dinars, Presevo 46,176, Razanj 46,718 and in Svrljig 46,726 dinars.

The average salary in Novi Sad in 2021 was 75,773, and for the entire region of Vojvodina 62,494 dinars. As for the Vojvodina regions, in western Bačka, where Sombor, Apatin, Kula, Odžaci are, the average was 55,403 dinars.

In the South Banat area, the average price in envelopes was 61,501 dinars, and the leaders in salaries in this part of the country are Vrsac with an average of 65,374 dinars and Pancevo, where 64,678 dinars were earned. In northern Bačka, the average was 58,924 dinars, and in the north of Banat, 57,208 dinars. Srem people earn similarly, because their salary was 58,809 dinars.

In Šumadija and western Serbia, employees received an average of 55,901 dinars. In the Zlatibor area, workers brought home 55,995 dinars. In Uzice, the salary was 63,003, in Sevojno 56,147, and in Kosjeric 55,773 dinars.

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In the Kolubara area, the salary was 58,613 dinars. Lajkovac salaries are the highest in this area, with an average of as much as 70,488 dinars, while in Valjevo they amounted to 58,347. In Macva, employees received an average of 54,582 dinars, and in Sabac 58,190.

In the Moravica district, salaries are similar, with an average of 56,665 dinars. People from Čačak, for example, earn 56,644 dinars, people from Gornji Milanovac earn 59,247 dinars, while the average salary in Lučani is 63,892 dinars. Salaries in Pomoravlje are even lower, with an average of 52,970 dinars. The average salary in Jagodina is 53,655, and in Paracin 52,421 dinars.

In the Rasina area, the average salary last year was 54,001 dinars, and in Krusevac 56,542 dinars. Salaries are similar in the Raska area, whose average is 52,800 dinars, and in Kraljevo, the administrative seat of the area, 55,407 dinars.

In Šumadija, salaries amounted to 60,514 dinars, with Kragujevac drawing the average, with salaries of 63,345 dinars. In southern and eastern Serbia, last year, employees received an average of 57,551 dinars per month. In Bor, for example, salaries were 77,390, and in Majdanpek 69,408 dinars.

In the Braničevo area, there were 59,836 dinars in envelopes, and in Požarevac 66,190. In the Zajecar area, the salary was 54,258, and in Zajecar itself 56,615 dinars. In the Jablanica area, employees still earn little, as evidenced by the average of 50,395 dinars. The salary in Leskovac is 51,734 dinars, and in Medvedja 55,833.

The people of Nis earn 63,239 dinars, and the people of Pirovac 61,372 dinars. As for the Danube region, the people of Smederevo receive 61,615 dinars, in Velika Plana the salaries are 56,739, and in Smederevska Palanka 53,700.

Salaries are also low in Vranje, with an average of 53,862, and Prokuplje, where they amount to 55,074 dinars.

Public sector

The average salary in the public sector in 2021 was 72,674 dinars. In public state companies, the average was 82,787 dinars, and in public local companies 63,183. Employees in the administration, at all levels, earned an average of 75,648 dinars. Employees in health and social work had a salary of 73,981, and in education and culture 66,323 dinars, Politika writes.

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