The construction of new capacities of the hydroelectric power plant on Bistrica would save Serbia in terms of energy

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Today, in the village of Senište in Novo Varoš, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, talked to the locals about the problems that plague them in that area.
Since water and electricity are the biggest problems, Vučić pointed out that the construction of new capacities of the hydroelectric power plant on Bistrica would “save Serbia in energy”, while citizens said they were ready to support the project, although it would mean that some of them would move out from their homes.
“By 2028, we must solve this issue, so that we always have enough electricity for us, and to sell to the region. I was preparing to talk about cows and sheep here, and I did not expect that we would talk about energy now,” said Vučić.
As he said, Bistrica would be the best reversible for Serbia, but he also asked “who will talk to the people who need to move out”.
However, when the locals told him that they were ready to talk about it, Vučić said that he received “the most beautiful gift”.
“I am just happy you told me that. This solves half of the problems for Serbia. Bistrica would raise the end, it is a huge investment, the whole area would prosper,” said Vučić.
He stated that there are many problems with the supply of electricity in that area, Sjenica, Nova Varoš, which needs a new transformer station, increased from 100 to 220 kilovolts.
V.d. Director of EPS Milorad Grčić said that it is realistic that the new capacities of HPP “Bistrica” will be in the system by 2028, which, he says, is a big thing.
“Without reversibility in Bistrica, we cannot survive, because our economy and industry are spending more and more. We spent twice less electricity on St. Nicholas than on a working day, which shows that the industry is spending more and more. We cannot inject new energy sources without reversibility,” said Vucic.
As he said, HPP “Bistrica” is a more important facility than TPP “Kostolac”.
Vučić added that there are already completed construction projects, as well as financing projects, and that he would like this new project to belong entirely to Serbia, although the value of the investment is 600-700 million euros.
Vučić announced in Nova Varoš that the problem with drinking water will be solved in that municipality, that work will be done on solving the problem with electricity, and that the state will do everything to bring one investor for 500 new jobs.
Addressing the citizens, Vučić pointed out that the road from Zlatibor to Kokin Brod is being built, and that he will sign an agreement today on the construction of a highway from Požega, through Duga Poljana, Boljar to the Montenegrin border.
Among those gathered, he saw a banner that said that 28 percent of the water in Nova Varoš was not drinkable, to which he said “I came because of that banner.”
“The state will invest five million euros just for water so that you can all have clean and drinking water, and we will start with that immediately. We will also do fecal sewage, which will cost at least 10 million euros. We will renovate the high school as they did the school. All that will start to be done in 2022,” he emphasized.
He said that it is important to solve the problems with electricity, because in that municipality, tourism cannot develop without it, nor can it attract an investor. He added a further six million euros to solve the electricity problem, he added.
Vučić pointed out that, based on the data on the number of students in the last 30 years, it is clearly visible that a large number of citizens left Nova Varoš.
“They probably left because there was not enough work, because the salaries are below average. It would be good to bring in an investor. We have to build Nova Varos in different ways, “Vucic said.
Vučić said that there are several places in about 20 municipalities in Serbia where significant investors have not been brought.
Bringing investors would also increase the municipal budget, he said, and pointed out that this could build more local roads and solve other problems of citizens.
“The priority goal is to bring in a good investor, and we will be able to do that when the gas we bring from Cajetina starts and we solve the electricity issue. In the second half of 2022, we will try to bring in some investors,” he said.
Citizens asked him about the 1,000-meter ski trail that has not been working for five years, to which he replied that he would see “Ski Resorts of Serbia” to solve that problem.
He said that he plans to visit Nova Varoš again in a year and see what has been done.
Among those gathered was the banner “Rio Tinto March from Serbia”, to which Vučić said that he was proud to live in a country where, at the reception of the President, people who think differently appear, and that he wants to hear those people as well, Tanjug reports.