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Traffic infrastructure is one of Serbia’s priorities

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Sector 6 of the bypass around Belgrade should be ready by the end of next year, and we hope that in the next few months we will be able to let 6 kilometers end with the Straževica tunnel, said today the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirović.
– With that, I hope we will be able to bring to an end the project that is bothering the citizens of Belgrade, said Momirović when asked by journalists when the end of the works on the bypass around Belgrade can be expected.
Asked about the deadline for the completion of the highway to Požega, he stated that it will be known very soon and assessed that the continuation of the Miloš Veliki highway towards Požega is a very difficult task, because it has the two longest tunnels in Serbia.
– It is our absolute priority to finish 11 km from Preljina via Pakovrac, ie the bypass around Cacak, said Momirovic, answering questions from journalists after the presentation of the Clean Serbia project at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.
Asked if there is a plan that the quarries that are now opening more and more, due to large construction, do not pollute the environment, he said that in a situation where so much is being built as in our country, it is quite normal to have so many quarries to help people who suffer any damage due to construction.
– That’s how it is when construction works are performed on this scale, as we do, and then you have a problem with construction materials. We now have more than 90,000 active construction sites in the country and it is not easy to provide material for all these projects, Momirovic said.
He stated that they understand that the works are disturbing the surrounding population, disturbing them, but that it is inevitable when a lot is being built.
– When these projects are completed, they will certainly increase the capital of people who live along highways, no matter how uncomfortable they are at the moment. We will solve every problem that arises in the construction of these highways when the construction is completed, regardless of whether it is a quarry, a river, local roads, the Minister pointed out.
He added that the Government of Serbia does not underestimate these problems, that it will solve them, and asked people who live near the construction site to be patient, Novosti reports.

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