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The Electric Network of Serbia is looking into the possibility of producing electricity from RES

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The Electric Network of Serbia (EMS) has announced a tender for the forecast of production from renewable energy sources.
The contracting authority states that due to the growing demands for the integration of renewable sources into the transmission system of Serbia, a short-term forecast of production from renewable energy sources (production of wind farms and solar power plants) is necessary.
Also, this service is needed because of the atypical wind and solar energy, which are characterized by variable production that is very difficult to predict.
According to the tender documentation, the contractor should provide the following activities:
– installation of a system for forecasting the production of wind and solar power plants,
– parameterization and testing of the model to be implemented,
establishing automatic creation of forecasted values every 15 minutes and their permanent delivery to the customer.
The forecast should be made at least seven days in advance and the predicted values are created in 15 minutes of resolution, according to the description of the service.
The deadline for submitting bids is January 17, and the criterion for awarding the contract is the price.
The bidder is required to have performed at least three contracts for renewable electricity production forecast services (wind, solar) during the period of maximum three years in accordance with the agreed quality, scope and deadline.
During the previous period, several wind power plants were put into operation, WPP Čibuk 1, WPP Kovačica, WPP Alibunar, WPP Košava, with a tendency to increase in the following period, according to the client.
“A sudden increase in installed capacity in solar energy is also expected. According to optimistic scenarios, up to 5,000 MW of installed capacity in wind and solar capacities can be expected,” Nova Ekonomija reports.

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