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The European Investment Bank supported the digital training of teachers and students in Serbia with 1.2 million euros - Serbia Business

The European Investment Bank supported the digital training of teachers and students in Serbia with 1.2 million euros

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided a grant of 1.2 million euros to support the implementation of the “Connected Schools” program in Serbia for training in digital areas for teachers and students across Serbia.
These funds are a supplement to the EIB loan in the amount of 65 million euros signed in 2020 for the purpose of improving digital capacities and skills in more than 1,500 schools in Serbia, the EU Info Center announced.
The investment will enable the project implementation team to develop the necessary practices, knowledge and skills within ministries and among students, teachers and education authorities, in order to achieve quality results and make the most of the project’s opportunities, the statement said.
“In line with the digital revolution that is changing economies around the world, we are pleased to be able to accelerate this process in the Western Balkans and help the region gain an initial advantage in the new digital age. Digitalisation is of key importance for employment, long-term stability and greater resilience to crises,” said Vice President Liljana Pavlova, responsible for EIB activities in Serbia.
The Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, Tatjana Matic, stated that her ministry is actively working on the development of infrastructure with the goal of “suppressing the digital gap between urban and rural parts” of Serbia.
“Within the project ‘Connected Schools’, a wireless local computer network has been built in 930 schools so far, and by the end of the project, conditions for system digitalization of education in Serbia will be created in over 1,800 schools. Digital skills are important not only for everyday communication and personal development of every citizen of Serbia, but also for the development of digital business and entrepreneurship, overall economic growth, where it is necessary for everyone to get a chance to use new opportunities of the digital age,” the minister added.
The head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Emanuele Joffre, said that this project will enable school children to take even greater advantage of the accelerated digital transformation.
“Our support and commitment of Serbia to the Digital Agenda as a whole, and not only in the context of this project, will ensure that citizens have skills that meet the requirements of the new economy and will help modernize public administration, strengthen cyber security and increase connectivity. It is great that we can start dealing with these issues with school-age children. It’s good to be connected,” he said, Danas reports.