The increase in the price of electricity is currently not in the plans

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New Acting Miroslav Tomašević, director of the company “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” (EPS), stated that “there are no plans” to increase the price of electricity at the moment, and that he does not expect it to be.

“We will base our strategy on production. The more energy costs abroad when we import it, the more it costs when we export it. That is how we can create that balance, and not increase the price for the citizens”, said Tomašević in the show” Hit Tweet “on Pink TV.

He assessed that it would be irresponsible due to the current crisis and added that “it is not questionable whether there will be enough electricity”.

Asked whether Russia’s occupation of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants could have any consequences for Serbia, Tomasevic said it “will have no impact”.

“We have our resources, the fact that we are importing electricity at the moment, that is keeping our department that we have enough until we get out of this winter,” Tomasevic said.

He emphasized that the supply of electricity consumers is absolutely safe “at a price that has already been defined” and added that he “is sure that he will not change it in the next period”.

Tomasevic also commented on the comments about his appointment as the head of EPS, emphasizing that he spent 20 years in that company and added that “time will tell” whether he is a political candidate or a candidate of the profession, N1 reports.

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