The new Minister of Mining and Energy said that Serbia will have to deal with the reform of the energy sector

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The new Minister of Mining and Energy, Dubravka Đedović Negre, said that Serbia will have to deal with the reform of the energy sector, announced new electricity and gas prices, and said about lithium that “we should consider how to use it”.

Đedović Negre told Euronews Srbija that the reform of the energy sector has been delayed for a long time, and it is badly needed, which includes the reform of public companies.

She pointed out that the price of electricity and gas must be on the agenda, “and sooner rather than later”, because energy companies in Europe have increased the prices of electricity and gas, three, four, five times, and sometimes even more.

“It can’t be otherwise. Yes, states invest heavily in the energy sector. Serbia is also doing that. But we minimally increased the prices of electricity and gas. We have to talk about difficult topics for all of us”, she said, adding that it concerns everyone and that we have to be sustainable.

Answering the question whether lithium is a chance for Serbia, Dubravka Đedović Negre said that Serbia is lucky to have reserves of a very important mineral that is necessary for renewable sources, which are the focus of the whole world.

“I think that Serbia should consider how it can use that potential.” It is mine to look at, to consider, to see what has been done, what has not been done and why it has not been done. But all countries that have some natural resource and do not use it are at a loss”, she said.

He states that there is no use of natural resources that is not harmful to the environment, but he says that the only question is what measures will be taken to reduce the risks.

“If we are going to develop and work to have better living conditions for citizens, the economy, better salaries, then we should use the potential, but with all the factors that can minimize the risks and make them acceptable, if possible”, said Đedović Negre.

She announced the completion of large projects such as the B3 block in Kostolac of 350 megawatts, as well as work on the gas interconnection between Serbia and Bulgaria, and confirmed that the expectations and plans are to invest 12 billion in the energy sector, Pravda reports.

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