The price of sunflower pleased the producers, and worried the processors

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The good price of last year’s sunflower made the producers happy, but it worried the processors and buyers. Due to the frequent change in the price of oil on the domestic market and the ban on exports, processors do not comment on the price of oil because it changes often, but point out that there is enough of it and do not see a reason for banning exports.

The “Banat” oil factory in Nova Crnja is working in three shifts, processing last year’s sunflower is in progress, as well as contracting for this year.

“The plan is to process the entire amount of last year’s sunflower seeds by mid-May, when we would enter the process of realization of repair activities and be ready for the start of the new processing season. The plan is to process over 80,000 tons of oilseeds and produce over 30,000 tons of oil and meal we will enable full employment of production capacities and contribute to the realization of our business goals “, said Marko Todić, director of the” Banat “oil factory.

In the agricultural cooperative “Plast” in Srpska Crnja, everything is ready for the beginning of sowing.

This year, we contracted about 400 hectares, which is at the level of last year, ie at the level of the multi-year average. It is interesting to say, at least as far as our cooperative is concerned, there has been no reduction in contracting and application of artificial fertilizers, that level has increased slightly, the reason is certainly last year’s sunflower price, which is really correct, “says Zoran Zecevic from Plast.

Individual farmers are also ready to welcome the sowing.

Petar Stojanović from Srpska Crnja says that the raw materials were provided:

“As for the structure of sowing on my property, it will be about ten hectares, because I have a tropic and I do not give up on it, regardless of the price announcements, because I reckon that the price of agricultural products such as wheat and corn will be high at the same time. to justify this more expensive sowing, which will definitely be significantly more expensive. We expect that the price will be more favorable, so everything will be done in the optimal time. ”

It is planned to sow sunflowers in Serbia on an area of ​​250 to 260 thousand hectares, and, if the weather conditions allow, sowing should be completed by the first of May, RTS writes.