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The Serbian economy is facing a year of great chances

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The next 2022 will be a year of great opportunities for both the Serbian and regional economies, which open with the implementation of the Open Balkans initiative and the growing interest of European companies to invest and hire our companies for suppliers, said Marko Cadez, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in a New Year’s interview for “Entrepreneur”.
– If 2020 was the year in which the Serbian economy proved its vitality to save companies and people in the most difficult circumstances, and 2021 confirmed its ability to grow, develop and exceed the results achieved before the crisis, despite a pandemic that continues then 2022 is a new opportunity for further growth. We will use them best by continuing to work together, to sign and agree on the field, to provide our companies with a larger market, remove remaining barriers to mutual trade, simplify procedures, reduce costs – says the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.
The most important thing, he believes, is that the results that the Serbian economy achieved last year and this year are not just a momentary rise.
– The prospects of the Serbian economy, when it comes to macroeconomic stability and economic growth, both according to domestic and international estimates, are good in the long run – states Cadez.
Recalling that this year’s export performance will be better than in the pre-crisis year of 2019, Cadez points out that small and medium-sized enterprises, which do not yet have sufficient capacity to enter large and developed markets, have the greatest opportunities from the common market and trade facilitation.
– The best way for them to go out into the world is networking with regional companies, in order to unify the offer, and join the international supply chains, in which we help them to the maximum – says Cadez.
He points out that the member companies have the support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in strengthening their capacities – to be better informed about the requirements and expectations of foreign companies, adopt international standards, procure required equipment, improve process and product quality, increase production, train people and digitally transform your business.
In order to make it easier for the economy to finance current operations and investments in the expansion and modernization of production, according to Cadez, it is necessary to continue with guarantee schemes for more favorable lending, review security instruments that are an insurmountable obstacle for smaller companies and continue relieving the economy.
– I am convinced that with the continuation of economic growth, space will be opened for a significant reduction of taxes and contributions on salaries, to the extent that it does not endanger budget stability, reduction of profit tax from 15 to ten percent and reintroduction of tax credit – said Cadez, Vesti Online reports.

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