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The Serbian startup ecosystem will also be on the global Dealroom platform

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“The Dealroom platform has a strong focus on startup ecosystems, providing detailed information on startup communities, funding trends and key players in each region. This enables startups to identify the resources and support they need for success,” said Jelena Begović, Minister of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, among other things.

She added that the platform enables entrepreneurs and investors to identify potential partners, competitors and investment opportunities.

Dealroom also provides valuable data and insight to governments and policymakers, helping them understand the needs of local technology industries, in order to make informed decisions about regulation and investment.

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“Startup ecosystems are important for the economy for several reasons, namely the creation of jobs because startups are an important source of new jobs in the economy. As new companies grow, they often need to hire more employees, which creates job opportunities and lowers the unemployment rate. Next, innovation, startups are often founded with the goal of disrupting traditional industries and introducing new and innovative products and services. This can lead to the creation of completely new industries and markets, which can lead to significant economic growth,” said Begović.

The minister said that science and startup ecosystems are closely related, because many startups were founded with a scientific or technological discovery as the basis for their business idea. Startups can also benefit the scientific community by providing funding and support for research and development, as well as creating new markets and applications for scientific discoveries.

Startups can help bridge the gap between academic research and commercial applications.

All in all, Minister Begović concluded, “the connection between science and the startup ecosystem is crucial for initiating the development of innovations that affect economic growth, as well as for the development of science and the transfer of scientific discoveries to the market, i.e. the materialization of scientific ideas and solutions.” And that’s why the Ministry, as well as the state, provide full support in every sense, including financial support for this platform, but also through the construction of NTP as a place, i.e. an environment, in order to enable the further development of our startup ecosystem in all areas.”

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Dealroom currently contains about 250 startups from Serbia, and provides data on their financing, founding teams, and the technologies they deal with. In addition to startups, investors and their investment portfolio, universities, accelerator programs and support organizations available in our country are represented in the database.

“We are happy to support the growth and visibility of the Serbian ecosystem on the Dealroom platform. Thanks to the successful cooperation with the Digital Serbia Initiative and with the support of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia, this platform represents a unique solution for highlighting the most promising sectors in the startup ecosystem, together with the key technological players who contribute to it”, says Matju Demolin, director of the sector for ecosystems in the Dealroom.

“The goal of the Dealroom platform is to put us on the global map together with other ecosystems where international investors and other key players will be able to more easily find information about our startup ecosystem. Dealroom is also significant due to the global ranking and mapping in reports such as Startup Genome, which takes data on the investments that have taken place and the growth of startups from such a platform. In a word, Dealroom acts as an identity card of every startup ecosystem”, said Nebojša Bjelotomić, director of the Digital Serbia Initiative.

Jan Kobler, executive partner of the South Central Venture fund, as well as Ivan Kadić, founder and CEO of startups 60 seconds and Reputeo, spoke about how investors and startups can use the platform and how it will improve business at the event on the occasion of the presentation of the Dealroom platform .

Dealroom not only offers the most detailed picture of the Serbian tech scene so far, but also allows every startup founder, investor or company to present themselves on the platform, create their profile and provide the community with open access to real-time data. Transparency and data help not only to connect the ecosystem, but also to present Serbia globally as a new center of innovation and technology.

The presentation of the Serbian startup ecosystem on the Dealroom platform was initiated by the Digital Serbia Initiative, with the support of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation.

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