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The Spanish group Factor energia group is interested in establishing a branch in Serbia

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This was said by the general manager of the Spanish company, Emilio Rusado Pares, during a meeting with the Minister of Economy Radet Basta.
He stated that the main activity of the company is the supply of electricity and gas, as well as promoting the energy transition.
Pares explained that the company headed by him has its representative offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Chile and Bulgaria.
During the conversation with Pares about business opportunities and investment opportunities in Serbia, Minister Basta pointed out that it is extremely important that we provide long-term support to investors in the implementation of their business intentions, bearing in mind a stable business environment and market potential.
He pointed out that Serbia, as a candidate country for full membership in the EU and a leader in the region in terms of attracting foreign investments, represents an exceptional investment destination, according to the Government’s website.
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