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The state has sold eight-year bonds in the amount of 41.5 billion dinars

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The Republic of Serbia has sold eight-year government bonds amounting to 41.5 billion dinars in an auction, as announced by the Public Debt Administration.

On Monday, the issuance of eight-year government bonds of the Republic of Serbia was reopened, maturing on October 26, 2031, initially issued on October 24, 2023.

The auction volume amounted to 44,419,470,000 dinars with a coupon rate of 7.00 percent.

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The total demand volume was 42,941,200,000 dinars.

A total of 4,154,115 government bonds were issued, with a nominal value of 41,541,150,000 dinars.

The government bonds were sold at a yield rate of 6.12 percent annually, or at a price of 10,721.06 dinars.

Coupon payments at a rate of 7.00 percent will be made annually, each on October 26, until the maturity date.

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