The Swiss program financed projects proposed by the citizens of Serbia

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Cuprija, Trstenik, Uzice and Vlasotince are the first four local governments that have completed all infrastructure projects proposed by their citizens and received a donation from the Government of Switzerland in the total amount of slightly more than 33.8 thousand euros, it was announced today.
These local governments have completed a total of 33 infrastructure projects under their jurisdiction, which were proposed by the citizens.
“The Swiss government has supported all these projects in the amount of 30 to 40 percent of the total money allocated by the municipality. In this way, we want to empower local governments to involve citizens as much as possible in how money from the investment part of the municipal budget is spent, otherwise, their legal obligation from the middle of 2018,” said Branislav Milic, who participates in the Swiss program” Property Tax Reform”, which is implementing this project.
The construction of children’s playgrounds was the wish of citizens in all municipalities, as well as sports fields and landscaping of parks and promenades.
“By the end of April, the municipalities of Mali Zvornik, Topola, Ljubovija and Bojnik should complete their infrastructure projects, and they will also receive a donation from the Swiss government in the amount of slightly more than 33.8 thousand euros,” Milic said.
In the second half of 2021, a new phase of the “Property Tax Reform” program will begin, and then other local governments in Serbia will have the opportunity to apply for non-refundable assistance provided by the Swiss Government for projects proposed by their citizens, Beta reports.