Deliveries of Russian gas to Serbia jumped by 71.3 percent after the Turkish Stream gas pipeline started operating

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In two weeks, works on the construction of a gas pipeline network should begin in six regions of Serbia, which will bring gas to households at a price of 780 euros for connection, without interest, Dusan Bajatovic, the first man of Srbijagas, told Politika.
Russian state energy giant “Gazprom” increased gas deliveries to Europe by 30.7 percent in the first quarter of this year, while deliveries to Serbia jumped by 71.3 percent after the “Turkish Stream” gas pipeline started operating.
Romania, which has repeatedly emphasized its energy self-sufficiency, has increased its purchases of Russian gas by a huge 90 percent, and its supply takes place through Ukraine and Moldova, which is a much more expensive method than possible delivery to Turkish Stream.
Does Russian Gazprom remain a strategic partner of Serbia and Srbijagas and is it realistic to expect even higher consumption of this energy source, since this public company has significantly reduced the costs of connection to households that want to introduce it, Dusan Bajatovic, CEO of Srbijagas says for Politika that it is realistic to expect an increase in consumption in both industry and individual consumers.
The reason why the export of Russian gas to Serbia increased by 71.3 percent is primarily the growth of consumption in industry.
– There are no more investors who would like to come to Serbia without having resolved the issue of water, electricity, roads and gas, so in that sense we should expect a significant increase in consumption in industry. Especially since in recent years, and it is realistic that in the future it will continue to open even more production plants that are looking for cheaper and safer supply – emphasizes the first man of Srbijagas.
He adds that the same should be expected for households, which now have the opportunity for the first time to pay 780 euros for three years, without interest with the gas bill, salaries and connection.
Asked if there are people interested in introducing gas in buildings and houses, Bajatovic answered in the affirmative and added that there are still those who do not believe that they can introduce gas at this price. The goal is to accelerate the gasification of Serbia.
– In a maximum of two weeks, the project should start to be realized. The whole job is divided into six regions in which the gas network will be built so that the gas reaches everyone who wants it. The project is a bit late because there were a lot of bureaucratic and commercial issues that needed to be resolved, since Srbijagas practically introduces gas to consumers, without any penalty points or penalties – Bajatovic explains.
Srecko Djukic, a connoisseur of gas conditions, says that the reason for the increase in Russian gas exports to Serbia should be sought in the revival of economic activities, despite the still present pandemic of Covid 19, to which the economy and life have adapted. On the other hand, the forecasts of world economic growth for this year are very optimistic and are above five percent. The factor of favorable gas prices, which should be used and replenished all storages, is not negligible either.
– Some have abandoned the idea of being supplied with liquefied gas and switched to natural gas, which reaches Europe and the Western Balkans via Turkey via a gas pipeline due to more favorable prices.
Serbia can now get Russian gas through Hungary and Bulgaria. However, the possibilities of gas consumption in our country are limited due to the underdeveloped secondary and tertiary gas network throughout the country. That is why the primary task for Serbia is to accelerate the gasification of all populated places so that we have the economic and environmental effects of the whole business – concludes Djukic, Politika reports.