There is a great demand for the euro in exchange offices

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During the whole day in the exchange offices in Vranje, there was a real rush to buy euros, which could be bought during the evening in this city at the price of 119.50 dinars, while the selling price dropped to 117.00 dinars.

“We have an increasing demand that is growing by the hour. The purchase price of the euro has fallen, but in line with the growth of demand, the euro exchange rate has jumped, but despite that, the demand is not falling “, it was confirmed to Danas tonight in one of the exchange offices in Vranje.

Only a few days ago, the ratio of the selling and buying exchange rate in Vranje was in the difference of only one dinar, and it ranged from 117 to 118 dinars for one euro.

According to the official exchange rate list of the National Bank of Serbia, the euro was bought at 117.2583 dinars today, the middle exchange rate was 117.6111 dinars, and the selling rate was 117.9639 dinars, Danas writes.