Trade between Serbia and Montenegro is unhindered

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The head of the Center for Regional Cooperation in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), Aleksandar Radovanovic, said today that the trade between Serbia and Montenegro is functioning smoothly.
He told Beta that trucks with goods between Serbia and Montenegro travel without any problems at border crossings, even after Montenegro’s decision not to open the border for Serbian citizens.
Two days ago, Montenegro made the decision to open the borders for several countries with less than 25 infected inhabitants per 100,000, after the epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, and Serbia is not among them.
The Directorate for Civil Aviation of Serbia reacted to that decision by banning the landing of the Montenegrin airline Montenegro Airlines at the Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” airport.
“Trade between Serbia and Montenegro takes place regularly, the ‘green corridors’ that were established during the pandemic function regularly,” said Radovanovic.
The director of the business association for the production and improvement of the export of grain and oilseeds “Zita Srbije”, Vukosav Sakovic, said that the export of grain and flour is done without any obstacles.
“During the strongest epidemic, Montenegro bought about 10,000 tons of wheat and that is enough for them for a month or two, so now they import smaller quantities, and the export of flour flows regularly,” said Sakovic.
In the first three months, in 2020, according to the PKS data, Serbia exported goods worth 163 million euros to Montenegro, which is 1.5 percent more than in the same period in 2019, and imported goods worth about 15 million euros.
In 2019, Serbia exported goods to Montenegro for 787 million euros, and imported about 70 million euros. Imported products include alcoholic beverages, primarily wine, meat and meat products, aluminum, wood and wood products, charcoal, leather and pharmaceuticals, Nova reports.