Another wind farm with a capacity of up to 220 MW in Serbia is planned

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The company New Energy Solutions, which opened Wind Farm Kovacica in 2019, plans to build another one in that area – Wind Farm Crepaja.
The Detailed Regulation Plan, which was put on early public inspection by the Department of Urbanism of the Municipality of Kovacica, states that the goal of the plan is to create a planning basis for the construction of a wind generator plant, as well as other energy plants that produce electricity from renewable sources.
It is envisaged that the wind farm has 31 wind generators, each with an individual capacity of about 7 MW and a transformer station of adequate voltage and power. The maximum height of the wind turbine with the blade in the upper position is about 230 m, while the total power of the wind farm is up to 220 MW, writes eKapija.
As it is stated, the area where the construction of the wind farm is planned is located outside the construction area of the settlement and consists of agricultural land with a canal network for irrigation of agricultural land and a network of rural roads.
The Plan also includes land for public purposes – a network of public roads and water management areas, a canal network for land reclamation with a belt for the maintenance of canals, as well as line infrastructure facilities.
The plan will envisage traffic access, through the existing Atar and access roads. The routes and capacities of the infrastructure network necessary for the functioning of the complex will be defined.
Minimal interventions in the area are planned in terms of further degradation of the area, as well as protection and application of environmental principles in design and construction.
The technological units within the wind farm complex are the locations of the wind generator, the space of the substation complex, the cable network, the access roads, the place and manner of possible connection of the wind farm part to the medium voltage electricity distribution system.
Within the wind farm complex, the possibility of installing anemometer poles, which can be temporary or permanent, is envisaged, which will serve to measure the current wind characteristics in the subject area.
The company New Energy Solutions has built and reconstructed more than 40 km of roads for the needs of the construction and operation of the Kovacica Wind Farm, which in September 2019, after almost three decades, became a completely new power plant connected to the Serbian electricity network. The total value of the investment in Kovacica Wind Farm is 189 million euros, according to eKapija.
Kovacica Wind Farm has 38 installed wind generators, with a total capacity of 104.5 MW and produces energy for more than 68,000 households, which will reduce CO2 emissions by about 250,000 tons per year.
By the way, this Israeli company – as Maayan Sarig, manager for global projects and development, pointed out earlier – wants to be present in this region in the long run.
The detailed regulation plan, the processor of which is the company Untermolo from Novi Sad, is on public view from May 28 to June 11, 2020, eKapija reports.

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