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What do Serbian businessmen say about the distribution of money from the state treasury?

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What do Serbian businessmen say about the distribution of money from the state treasury. Where more should be invested and how to direct taxpayers’ money, and where it does not belong.

“I would take to the streets to support a five percent increase in taxes on the economy!”

While the majority of our businessmen, believe that taxes are high and should be reduced “because they hinder the development of companies”, there are also those who think differently. However, with one condition.

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“To me, investing in education, that is, in the education system of the country, is very important. You give your greatest treasure, your children, to that education. In that sense, I am in favor of raising taxes by five percent, but investing that money in education. I would go out on the street to support it,” Nebojša Matić, owner of Mikroelektronika, which makes hardware and software tools for working with microcontrollers.

This is just one of the proposals of businessmen in which direction government representatives should direct the money for 2024 from the state coffers that they recently “tailored”.

The Law on the Budget for 2024 was adopted on October 26th by the votes of the majority of MPs in the Parliament of Serbia.

As the Government of Serbia pointed out in its official announcement, when on October 5th it adopted the Draft Law on the budget for the next year, it will be, no less and no more than – developmental.

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This implies, as they explained, “the continuation of high investments in capital investments and the construction of highways, high-speed railways, schools, hospitals”, but also “the continuation of the policy of increasing salaries and pensions and protecting the living standards of citizens”.

Finance Minister Siniša Mali reiterated that the next year’s budget is for development, explaining the bill before the members of the Serbian Parliament on October 23rd.

“Despite the global crisis, our economy is moving forward, and we want to continue on that path in the coming years,” said Mali.

After a three-day discussion in the Assembly and the adoption of the budget, Mali emphasized that “the adopted budget for the next year is a guarantee of further raising the standards of citizens and the continuation of the development policy, it is the continuation of the started projects, the construction and infrastructural revival of Serbia”.

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