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What does Serbia gain, and where does the danger lie if a battery factory for electric cars is opened in Ćuprija?

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Little information is available about the Lion project, which involves starting a factory for the production and recycling of batteries for electric cars. What is known for now is that the factory would be started by the Slovak company InoBat, which develops projects in Spain and the USA.

It is planned that the factory will be located in Ćuprija, which is not accidental since next year the production of an electric car should start in the immediate vicinity in Kragujevac. Despite several attempts, the local authorities of Ćuprija did not want to speak about this topic.

The nearest car battery factory is in Hungary, where environmentalists warn of the appearance of dangerous electrolytes in water sources in the immediate vicinity. For now, the population of Ćuprija is thinking more about economic progress.

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“All our factories need young people to be employed, to find work,” say the locals. When asked what if the factory were to damage the environment, they say that it is a “shouted thing” and that they have to live on something.

“We chose Ćuprija as InoBat’s second location in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe because of the hospitality of the local community and the practical and proactive municipal government,” said Marian Bocek, CEO of InoBat in a statement.

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