Wheat and corn prices continue to rise, soybeans are dormant

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Last week on the Product Exchange marked the growth of the price of corn. The total turnover was 3,650 tons, whose value was 131,888,742.00 dinars.

In the past week, corn was traded in the price range from 26.50 to 27.50 dinars / kg without VAT, with a clear upward trend (+3.77 percent). The price depended primarily on parity and speed of delivery.

It was interesting to follow the movement of prices on foreign commodity exchanges. It is known that stock exchanges react very quickly to geostrategic events (crisis on the Moscow-Kiev line). January events in this market were relatively expected, after the complete absence of foreign demand in December. The weight of the price for this week was 27.00 dinars / kg without VAT, which is an increase of 2.95 percent compared to the previous week.

Unlike the market events in corn, the wheat market can be said to have been very peaceful. The report from the Product Exchange notes that in the second half of the week there was an increased offer. The first quantity of wheat of the year 2022 was offered at the price of 28.00 dinars / kg without VAT, but the demand did not respond adequately. This week’s weight price is 31.50 dinars / kg without VAT, which is an increase of 1.03 percent.

The soybean market last week was marked by an increased supply, which led to a downward trend in prices. Namely, at the beginning of the week, stock exchange contracts were concluded at a price of 74.70 dinars / kg without VAT, and at the end of the week the concluded price was 74.00 dinars / kg without VAT. The weight price was 74.46 dinars / kg without VAT.

Source:  biznis.rs