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Why did “NLB” “bite” for “Komercijalna Banka”?

Slovenia’s biggest money lender “Nova Ljubljanska Banka” on tender to buy “Komercijalna banka” has given the best non-binding offer, media reported.

“NLB” offered 450m euros to acquire 803,23 percent shares in “Komercijalna banka” bank owned by the government of Serbia.

“AIK banka” and “Reiffaisen bank” also made non-binding bids in the tender, offering € 430 million or € 390 million, according to media reports, the “Apolo Fund” also made a bid.

Why did “NLB” “bite” for “Komercijalna Banka” reveals the CEO of this bank, Blaz Brodnjak.

He recently said in an interview with a Slovenian news agency that “NLB” tends to strengthen its role as a key regional player by including takeovers.

“Serbia is a priority in potential takeovers since market share of “NLB” there is below 2 percent but no ad hoc decisions will be made,” Brodnjak said.

He also noted that restrictions on takeovers that were imposed on the bank while it was state-owned will be revoked at the end of the year.

The eventual takeover of the “Komercijalna banka” from “NLB” for which he says is the only international financial grouping present in all markets of the former Yugoslavia, would enhance influence throughout the region as it would also take over Serbian bank branches in other countries, including North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina.